Friday, April 29, 2005

snake pliskin vs solid snake

this is the fight of the most recent snake pliskin vs solid snake
intelligence :

solid : iq over 180,also has street smarts speaks french and english

pliskin street smart , has out smarted us army more then once.

both got tricked into being infected with a virus

advantage: draw


solid can break hand cufs can hurt a cyborge, genetically enhanced

pliskin. best soldier bulked up.can beat multiple thugs

advantage solid


solid can evade a bullet (from olgas gun)

pliskin has good speed better then most fighters.

advantage: solid


solid, a lot of fan girls like snake

pliskin a lot of girls like kurtrusel

advantage .draw.

fighting skill,

solid trained in the best millitary combat by mastetr mcdonald miler, used this skill to take on a cyborge and more.

pliskin, has combat skill fights brutal and by the skin of his teeth.

advantage solid

weapons items,

solid, he gets what ever weapons he can find he usually has a 45 calibur socom pistol,and converted sleep dart berreta m9. also he has a bandana that gives him unlimited ammo, scope, solaton radar lets him see a map of his surrounding area including target posistion.

pliskin , also gets what ever weapon he can find, healways seems tohave some strong hand gunand a knife, he also has a sleep dart he hides in his mouth. and a hologram projecter.

they both have cigarettes (both smoke american spirit brand)

advantage solid


solid, infected with fox die, has a thing for tough girls

pliskin, one eye ,

advantage pliskin

special items

solid: nano bots can heal some of his wounds if he stays still, nanobots also holds data that others want. also has a codec radio in his ear.

pliskin a cool leather jacket and eye patch and an emp device that can stop all technology on the earth for 50 years

advantage pliskin

catch phrase :

solid "this is snake" "metalgear" (in a sharpvoise)

pliskin, "i don't give a fuck about your president" "how a bout I beat it out of your squeeze" "call me pliskin"

"call me snake"

advantage: pliskin


solid sneaking suit to protect against hypothermia and keep him silent, also a tux

pliskin: leather jacket and pants , fire proof, eye patch and a mullet

advantage draw

special fun skills

solid, can skate board as good as tony hawk

pliskin can play basket ball and he can surf a tsunami

advantage pliskin

final say
the fight would be a good long one. they would have both been briefed on their targets, so they would know what the other had. pliskins first move would be to diactivate all of solids electronics even his nanobots and codec. (so no healing no help from otocon). the fight would be hand to hand , brutal yet stylish. but in the end plisken would fall to solids greater combat skill and geneticaly moded body. although pliskin would leave his mark on solid by giving him one hell of an injury (solids bullet evading speed was only shown a few times so it is asumed thathe does not use this speed all the time.) . after the fight pliskin would survive and find someway to screw solid over in the end, even if it would be just anoying little joke.