Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ok lets get this over with, Superman vs Son Goku

Alright this question has been going on for far to long and it needs to be answered now with facts. This is not based on favorites, this is based on facts from the comis and shows of these two chracters. So lets begin this is the battle of goku vs superman they both have all there powers and skills and are at there latests level of strength.

in the Blue corner the man of steel (superman aka clark kent) he was sent to earth as a child when his planet was destroyed. He now lives his life protecting the earth and its people.

in the orange corner, the saiyan raised on earth (son Goku aka kakarot) He was also sent to earth as a child before his planet was destroyed. He also lives his life protecting the earth and its people.

ok now its time to see what they have . we will match up the specs of our two heros and then face them off.

How they look

most of the time he wears dress shirt , dress pants a tie and glasses. as his alter ego he wears blue and red spandex a red cape and a big s on his chest. he has short black hair is just baout over 6 feet and has al large muscular frame.

Goku he wears and ornage Gi (martial arts outfit) a blue weighted shirt, leg and wrist weights. He also has tall spiky black hair. he is about 5,10 and also has a large muscular frame. he onece had a long monkey tail but that has been removed for the better. His looks change when transforms but we will leave that for his power disscription


superman, its obviouse he is a smart fellow he holds down two alternate personas and a job and has a nice relationship with his girl. He also comes up with some interesting tricks during his fights.

Goku, acts very goofy most of the time but when it comes to combat hes a genius and in a fight that is what matters, he acts very care free as well.he can sometimes be very gullable.

advantage superman


superman he can lift a large mountain , bust up buildings trucks and planes. his strength comes from the sun. He also once slowed the descent of the moon , when it was about to crash into the earth. (this was after he was charged up by sitting in the sun)

goku at the end of the first season he could destroy large mountains, after that is strength was doubled then he trained under 100 times gravity for 5 days and increased more then 20 times his normel strength. he then continued to increase his strength over the years to beyond god like standing. he can also increase his strength by using techniques and transforming to diffrent levels of power (super saiyan 1,2 and 3). at one point it is said that one of his opponent was 1000 times stronger then the one who destroyed his home planet and he even surpassed the strength of this oppenent. oh and at one point during a fight the shockwave from one of his punches drestroyed a planet.(this is what happens when he doesnt hold back)

advantage goku

superman can travel at the speed of light

the same deal as his strength his speed increased like crazy over the years he was about mach 5 at the end of the first season of dbz and his speed incresed at the same level as his strength. at one point he was faster then someone who could circle the earth 9 times in a second he then became much faster then that over the years. he can also use instantaneous transmission the power to teleport instantly from any point in the universe.

advantage. goku ,yes I know nobody can exceed the speed of light....in real life,but this a cartoon...not real ,but since people will not except this answere i will say there speed is a Draw! although when using instantaneous transmission goku would be faster.

combat skill

Superman he's fast and strong but his combat skill is only good because of his strength and speed. he does have some skill but he is mostly skilled in the use of his strength and powers not his hand to hand combat

Goku, martial artist , has been taught how to fight by many diffrent masters and even some gods. he even surpased the skills of the most supreame god in the universe (supreame kai or dai kaioshin in japanese)

advantage goku


Superman. speed , flight, strength, ice breath, super hearing,sight. and heat vision up to 11000 degrees . also can increase his power by sitting in the sun, tk shield and tk lift(prevents large objets from crumbling under their own weight when he lifts them.

goku. speed ,strength, the use of ki control (spirit energy control) wich lets him use flight, telepathy , telekenisis (high level,) the abillity to hide his presence and a varity of energy based techniques , wich include the kamehameha (focusing the dormant power inside him and releasing it in a wave of disstruction .) he can also sence the location and power of his oppenent. more powers include the solar flair blinding his oppenent with...blinding light, the max kamehameha a stronger version of the kamehameha, the after image, making false images of him self to fool his oppenent (he once made 9 images as a child). he can also teleport also called instantainiouse transmision wich allows him to instantly travel from any point in the universe at first he needed to hold his fingers to his head to do this. this is no longer the case he can even do this while charging up the kamehameha

kaioken increase everything up to x20. supersaiyan ,as toriyama (the dbz creater) said the increase in power strength and speed ,can not be calculated, its just to great, but to explain it a little better his power level increase from 300,000 to 15,000,000 thats about 50x increase. he can also increase to super saiyan 2 and 3 wich is kinda like a super saiyain going super saiyan ..again. (4 was not made for the original show and is not a true transformation since dbgt was not made by toriyama.

also his ki or energy attacks do FAR MORE DAMAGE then his physical attacks, (example when he could destroy mountains with his fist his ki attacks could destroy moons and planets, and as he increased in power so did his energy atttacks). then there is the spirit bomb he can if he wants drain a bit of power from everything in the universe although it takes a lot of time to do that. Lastb but not least the dragon fist his most powerfull technique (he also has great control over this attack) when he trys to use the spirit bomb while super saiyan 3 this is what happens , dragons trap his target while he becomes a dragon increrasing his power to even more psycotic levels and runs right through his target. this attack could take out a being who could destroy a galaxy.

advantage goku


superman a great guy , although he has his ups and downs like anyone else.although once he got jelouse of someone who respected him and beat him up....wich is kind of funny.

goku pure of heart and combat crazy (as long as it doesnt heart inocent people.

advantage being pure is kind of boring supermans personality is much more interesting so Advantage superman.


superman all the diffrent types of kryptonite , his family (wife). he is also weak vs magic.

goku it was once his tail but he overcame that weakness with training. (krillain grabed his tail during a fight and it didnt hurt him at all) he also ended up getting rid of it. also his family and friends although his family and friends are also very powerfull even his wife and kids can kick some major ass.

advantage goku

What kind of damage can they take.

Super man, he can take being smashed through mountains, he can take burning lava without flinching (his telekinetic shield prevents him from feeling the pain from lava). bullets and man mad weapons are nothing to him he can also survive a nuke. he can also go near the sun(well he absorbs solar energy so that would not be a problem)

Goku. at one point an attack that could destroy a planet was scairy to him, a year later, he could take a stronger attack with out even flinching. an attack that instantly destroyed an opponent that it took him 4 episodes to beat. When the very same attack was preformed on him (goku) it did nothing but glare menacingly. then there was a man who could detroy a planet with the shockwave created by his punch, goku could take rapid full power punches from the one who defeated this man...and that was without transforming into a super saiyain. Thats how goku works because hes a saiyan he never stops getting stronger in all areas and the rate at wich his power increases has also multiplyed over the years. He also went on to take attaks from being a being who could destroy the solar system and even beyond that.

also when goku was hit by magic and he was turned into a gumball he still had all of his powers and strength he even put a hole through the head of the creture that did that to him by smashing right into his face.

advantage goku

ok lets tally this up when it comes to brains in science and math and social events superman or clark would beat goku hands down. Now in a head to head fight both not holding back any power Goku would destroy supes without even flinching (it would kind of look like the fight between napa and goku (nappa could take full on energy attacks from piccolo , and piccolo was 10 x stronger then the day he destroyed the moon a year ago.) now knowing goku he loves a challeng so he would let superman charge up for an hour in the sun wich would give him the stregth to slow the desent of the moon to the earth. even in this powered up state gokus planet busting punches would drop him in an instant not to mention his devistating energy attacks wich are A LOT STRONGER THEN HIS PHYSICAL ATTACKS.

if superman was going light speed it would foce goku to power up to super saiyan perhaps even supersaiyan 2 then all bets would be off and gokus might or energy attacks (ones that surpassed beyond imagination even surpasing an attack that could destroy the solar system or attacks that could destroy a galaxy (brolly destroyed south galaxy and goku beat him) not to mention if goku wanted he could put all his energy into a final large range superspeed area encompassing attack (jubei kamehameha or maximum kamehameha.). then there is super saiyan 3 that would be like putting a flea vs human a flea with no legs.

now as I said after being over run with dragonball i became sick of it and I loved the justice league cartoon (superman rocked in it.) also blue is one of my favorite colors but fact is fact and the evidence speaks for its self.


if you have any info I did not include just feel free to comment. rudness is not needed